Butyl - Butyl Rubber

Typical Trade Names:

  • Bucar Butyl - Columbian Carbon Co.
  • Exxon Butyl - Exxon Chemical Co. USA
  • Polysar Butyl - Polysar, Ltd.

Butyl rubber is an all petroleum product made by co-polymerizing isobutylene and just enough isoprene to obtain the desired degree of unsaturation necessary for vulcanization. Brominated and chlorinated butyl rubber are also available and are prepared by select replacement of hydrogen with bromine or chlorine.

Until the introduction of ethylene propylene rubber, butyl was the only elastomer which was satisfactory for Skydrol 500 service over a temperature range of -65 to +225 degrees F (-54 to +107 degrees C).

In addition, butyl has excellent resistance to gas permeation which makes it particularly useful for vacuum applications, and accounts for its wide use in the manufacture of inner tubes and the inside layer of tubeless tires.

Butyl is recommended for:

  • Phosphate ester type hydraulic fluids (Skydrol, Fyrquel, Pydraul)
  • Keton (MEK, Acetone)
  • Silicone fluids and greases

Butyl is not recommended for:

  • Petroleum oils
  • Di-ester base lubricants


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