DuPont Kalrez parts give you a proven, cost-effective way to extend seal service life. They have more than ten years of performance in aggressive fluid environments involving harsh, corrosive or hazardous materials, and a range of process temperatures to 600 degrees F (316 degrees C).

By combining the chemical resistance of Teflon fluorocarbon resin with the sealing force of rubber, Kalrez seals can help improve process productivity, reduce maintenance and downtime, and maintain safety - anywhere premature seal failure or leakage can be a costly problem.

Kalrez seals have excellent thermal resistance; superior to all other commercially available synthetic rubbers.

Kalrez seals are rubbery, rather than stiff, unlike engineering plastics. They are most easily fitted in place, and they conform better to rough surfaces.

Kalrez parts are resilient. They do not require spring loading, as do some engineering plastics in certain sealing applications.

Kalrez parts fit existing O-ring grooves, enabling immediate upgrading of seal systems.

Kalrez seals are versatile. In addition to a broad assortment of standard size O-rings, they can be custom-made to specified shapes and close tolerances. If required, special metal inserts can be incorporated.

Kalrez parts are homogenous - not sheathed or coated with fluorocarbon materials which can be subject to permeation, embrittlement, kinking, stiffness or fretting of contact surfaces.

Kalrez seals are non-rigid. They do not require the extreme compressive sealing forces of metallic seals and are far more effective than metals in dynamic sealing applications.

Kalrez parts have good compression set and creep resistance characteristics. Unlike packing materials, they do not need periodic tightening to compensate for creep, nor do they require the extra space and complexity of gland construction for such adjustments.

Kalrez parts are serviceable over a broad range of pressures, compared to other rubbers, plastics and packing materials.

Kalrez parts have low outgassing characteristics and are available in formulations that comply with FDA regulations.


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