The Ultimate Tube Squeezer™

FOR DECADES, MILLIONS loved using the key- shaped, wind-up tube
squeezer. It kept tubes neat and got out the last drop. Unfortunately,
key squeezers became obsolete in the 1980s when the tube-product
industry switched from metal tubes to plastic. Plastic tubes would not stay
rolled onto the key squeezer.

RETAILERS: Why Carry TUBE PRESS? Customers will remember where they found this unique gem: YOUR STORE. TUBE PRESS, developed through market research, is the quality product to satisfy the millions looking for a worthy successor to the key squeezer. TUBE PRESS is what they expect: simple, effective, easy-to-use and attractive.

DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. Try it yourself. Have your friends and family try it. Check out the advantages listed below. If you've seen other types of tube squeezers, don't hesitate to compare.


Simple, attractive, streamline.
Crystal-acrylic design.
Gadgety, cumbersome,
cheap, toy-like.
  Ease of Use
Easily slid up as the tube
Complicated: forced winding.
Tube can crack, leak.
Bands do the work, squeezing effectively.
Herculean effort, often
poor results.
Works on all tubes.
Useless on hard tubes like
gel, lotion, glue.
Rods are durable,
crystal-acrylic. Bands are custom compound that will
last years.
Cheap plastics crack,
  Easily Lost?
Snaps onto end of new,
full tube. No waiting until
half empty.
Tube must be half-empty.
Squeezer misplaced in
Attractive and shows how
Product hidden by bag
or blister.
Ongoing campaign features
TUBE PRESS in movies,
magazines, newspapers, & TV.
Not unique. Won't generate
Covered by two patents held by Inpax.
May infringe on someone's
patent. Seller liable in
infringement suits.
  Sales History
Regular item in Walgreens,
other national chains.
Slow or unproven seller.
  Made in USA
Made in USA. Quality made
and timely delivery.
Foreign made; cheap-grade
plastic: breakage destroys
customer trust and goodwill.

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