H-Seal - New Metal Seal Technology

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The H-Seal technology is revolutionizing metal seal technology. The H-Seal system overcomes the negative drawbacks associated with metal seal technology, especially metal o-rings and c-rings. The high costs of metal o-rings: polishing of flanges, extra quality control, special handling requirements, inconsistent reliability, low yields, and high compression requirements have held back many users and potential users from utilizing metal seals. The H-Seal system overcomes those issues, allowing companies to use metal seals effectively and efficiently. In addition, the H-Seal system allows companies to interchange elastomers and metal seals effectively, thus expanding their current product lines. Call today to see how the H-Seal metal seal technology can expand your product line and solve your sealing issues.

Developed to meet the rigid standards of the Semiconductor industry, H-Seals deliver Ultra High Vacuum performance 100% of the time, are high-temperature and reactive- gas compatible. Because they are easy to handle in the clean-room and completely interchangeable with elastomer O-Rings, H-Seals are ideal for Semiconductor and Bio-Pharmaceutical applications.

Guaranteed 100% reliable
Interchangeable with Elastomeric O-Rings
Cryogenic to 500+° C
Sizes from 0.300" to 14"
Available in Nickel, Aluminum, Copper

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