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We carry a complete line of E-A-R Products. E-A-R manufactures high performance materials for noise control, vibration damping, shock isolation and cushioning, including acoustical foams, sound barriers, energy-absorbing elastomers, and molded grommets and isolators.

Our highly damped ISODAMP® and ISOLOSS® damping and isolation materials effectively control impact noise and structureborne vibration. They perform under diverse physical and environmental conditions. Applications range from appliances, electromechanical equipment and production machinery, to aircraft, ships and vehicles of all types.

These materials are strong and durable, with excellent environmental resistance properties. They are available as sheets, rolls, tiles and molded and die-cut parts.

We offer a wide range of standard ISODAMP and ISOLOSS and VersaDamp™ molded parts, too. Configurations include grommets, isolators, bumpers, crash stops, bushings, stud mounts, inertial dampers, gaskets and seals. We also can engineer custom configurations.