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Bostec's revolutionary H-Seal are the most reliable, flexible and cost effective metal seals in existence. H-Seal™ provide an ultra high vacuum (UHV) seal that is particle free, impermeable to moisture and are interchangeable with elastomeric O-rings. Learn more about H-Seal ...

Guaranteed 100% reliable
Interchangeable with Elastomeric O-Rings
Cryogenic to 500+° C
Sizes from 0.300" to 14"
Available in Nickel, Aluminum, Copper


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KYDEX® is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride alloy sheet grades. It is frequently used as an alternative to leather in the production of firearm holsters and sheaths for knives. KYDEX® Thermoplastic Sheet is a registered trademark of KYDEX, LLC and is the only manufacturer of this line of proprietary thermoplastic sheet.

KYDEX® is an acrylic-polyvinyl chloride alloy produced by KYDEX, LLC. Engineered for thermoforming fabrication, KYDEX, combines the advantageous properties of both the acrylic and the polyvinyl chloride components. From acrylic, it obtains superior rigidity and formability; from PVC, outstanding toughness, chemical resistance and good interior finish ratings.

The combination of strength properties of KYDEX places it at the highest level among thermoforming materials. Its modulus of elasticity in flexure is 330,000 psi - 50% higher than many other sheets.

Parts formed of KYDEX will be much more rigid and will deform less when loaded. This is of particular importance in deep formed parts with thin wall sections. KYDEX offers rigidity along with a high degree of toughness and resilience.

KYDEX® is a relatively hard thermoplastic with a hardness of 90 on the Rockwell R scale. In service, this excellent abrasion resistance is further enhanced by the grained surface of the KYDEX® sheets.

KYDEX® has a UL classification of 94 V-0.


  • Firearm holsters
  • Knife sheaths
  • Machine housing
  • Instrument consoles
  • Truck cargo liners
  • Lavatory pans
  • Door liners
  • Kick plates
  • Seat backs
  • Aircraft pull-down trays
  • Truck fenders
  • Trays and tote boxes
  • Motor covers
  • Safety helmets
  • Aircraft fairing
  • Air exhaust systems

KYDEX® sheet is a non-porous material, which is easily molded into shape by heating, forming, and cooling the material. Kydex is used in Obsession Telescopes and by other telescope makers. Typically it is supplied in sheets of varying thickness, which can be cut into shape and formed. KYDEX® sheet is advertised to have a number of advantages over leather in forming holsters and other similar items, including:

  • waterproof
  • scratch resistant with a Rockwell "R" scale hardness of 90
  • holds its shape
  • will not stretch or shrink under normal conditions
  • low friction
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