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GAPI® O-Ring / Lips seals and Seals for reciprocating movement

Sealing system

  • Symmetrical and non symmetrical lip seals in nitrile, fluoroelastomer and polyurethane
  • Polyurethane solid block seals, fabric reinforced seals
  • Double effects piston seals
  • Fabric reinforced, polyurethane and PTFE V-Packings, slipper seals: filled PTFE energized by a rubber O-Ring.

Wiper rings

  • Single lip wipers in nitrile, fluoroelastomer and polyurethane
  • Single lip wipers with a metal insert in nitrile, fluoroelastomer and polyurethane
  • Double lips wipers in nitrile, fluoroelastomer and polyurethane

Wear rings

  • Virgin and filled PTFE wear rings cut from skived tape
  • Molded wear rings in thermoplastic resins

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(*) Torlon® Trademark Solvay Belgium
(**) Vulkollan® Trademark Bayer Leverkusen Germany
Gapi® Trademark Gapi Italy

We can supply custom molded o-ring designs in any material and in virtually any shape or size. Send your drawings for quote or call to discuss product or material design perimeters with our engineering department.

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