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Bostec's revolutionary H-Seal are the most reliable, flexible and cost effective metal seals in existence. H-Seal™ provide an ultra high vacuum (UHV) seal that is particle free, impermeable to moisture and are interchangeable with elastomeric O-rings. Learn more about H-Seal ...

Guaranteed 100% reliable
Interchangeable with Elastomeric O-Rings
Cryogenic to 500+° C
Sizes from 0.300" to 14"
Available in Nickel, Aluminum, Copper


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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

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Offering the designer an efficient and economic sealing element for a wide range of primarily static applications, the relative low cost and ease of use of the O-Ring has made it the most commonly used of all seals. Cross-sections of approximately 0.014in to 1.57in (0.35 to 40 mm) and inside diameters of up to 196.85in (5,000 mm) are available in a wide range of elastomer materials, including specialized grades and high-performance Isolast®.

Static Seals

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides alternatives to the O-Ring for more challenging static sealing applications. This includes the QUAD-RING®, a double-acting four-lip seal, and the square section Kantseal, primarily for flanges and covers. To prevent gap extrusion, a range of back-up rings is available in elastomer, PTFE and polyurethane. Wills Rings®, metal O-Rings and C-Rings, give reliable performance from cryogenic temperature up to 1562°F (850°C), in extreme vacuum and pressures to 145,000 psi (1,000 MPa).

Rotary Seals

Rotating or pivoting devices require a lubrication fluid to secure their service life. Our rotary shaft seals provide virtually leak-free sealing, at surface speeds reaching 131.2 ft/sec (40 m/s) and temperatures up to 500°F (260˚C), while preventing ingress of external media. Combined PTFE and elastomer expertise enables us to provide a rotary sealing range that has exceptional performance in high-pressure hydraulic pump and motor applications, especially in arduous off-highway environments.

Bearings and Bushings

Our proprietary bearing and bushing materials offer dimensional stability, along with wear resistance and excellent performance under dry and boundary lubrication conditions. Options are available for use as radial, axial, plain, linear or wear-ring bearing elements. These include Turcite® and HiMod®, engineered thermoplastic compounds and Orkot™, a unique synthetic woven fabric incorporating solid lubricants for outstanding bearing wear life, primarily in marine environments.

Fluid Sealing Systems

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides complete integrated sealing systems for hydraulic equipment, including cylinders, valves, pumps, actuators, accumulators and connectors. These low-friction dynamic fluid sealing systems will operate in temperatures from -94°F to 392°F (-70°C up to +260°C), in high pressures up to 11,600 psi (80 MPa) and at speeds reaching 49.2 ft/sec (15 m/s). Turcon® or Zurcon® materials are ideal for such applications, with configurations designed to prevent ingress of external media and back-pumping.

Pneumatic Seals

A complete range of Zurcon® piston seals, rod seals, scraper and cushioning seals provide the high mechanical strength and excellent resistance against wearing and tearing required in pneumatic applications. Offering unrivalled service life in both dry and lubricated applications, our sealing systems meet requirements for low friction in dry running and low pressure in static and dynamic conditions, providing ideal options for effective sealing in valves and other pneumatic components.

Custom-manufactured Solutions

Alongside this broad range of products, we also provide specialized custom-manufactured solutions using our wide range of innovative elastomeric and PTFE compounds. These include specially designed diaphragms, gaskets, Ground Balls and Ventseal, a rubber venting valve primarily used as a ventilation unit in batteries. Expertise in bonding elastomers, including perfluoroelastomer to metal, allows us to provide groundbreaking products that reduce assembly and fit into compact housings.

Customized Aerospace Sealing

Recognized as a leading supplier to the aerospace industry, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a range of customized seal designs that includes: airframe seals for wing and moving surfaces, such as complex aerodynamic shrouds for hydraulic jacks; extrusions and convertd seals for doors and hatches; interior couplings; inflatable cockpit canopy seals and convertd swing-wing fuselage fairings. In addition, our cutting-edge fire seals have been proven to withstand flame temperatures of 2012°F (1100º C).


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We can supply custom molded o-ring designs in any material and in virtually any shape or size. Send your drawings for quote or call to discuss product or material design perimeters with our engineering department.


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