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V-Ring seals - A versatile, cost-effective sealing solution

V-ring shaft seals utilize centrifugal slinger action to provide effective protection against dry and wet contamination. In combination with an SKF metal cased radial seal, the V-ring reduces wear and extends the service life of the oil seal and bearings.

The V-ring also performs well in dry running applications. Because it is all rubber and very elastic, it can be stretched over flanges or other components for easy installation with minimal unit disassembly. It has very low torque drag and heat build up, and does not require expensive countersurface preparation.

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  • VR1 The most common style available in the widest range of sizes from .110" (2.7mm) shaft to 79.530" (2020mm) nitrile and fluoroelastomer. Ideal for protecting gearboxes, electric motors and drives.

  • VR2 The original V-ring designed with a wide body and tapered heel to firmly hold the ring on the shaft. Available in sizes from .180" (4.5mm) shaft to 8.270" (210mm). Commonly used in agricultural and automotive applications.

  • VR3 Very compact axial cross-section commonly used in confined spaces to replace labyrinth seals. Available in nitrile and fluoroelastomer for shaft sizes from 4.134" (105mm) shaft to 78.745" (2000mm) and beyond.

  • VR4 A heavy-duty large diameter style commonly used in rolling mills as a secondary seal for heavy duty applications where the primary seal has to be protected against water and or particulate contamination. VR4 is the preferred heavy duty V-ring in replacement applications. Selected sizes are in stock and others can be made to order. For new designs, the VR6 should be considered and has similar mounting dimensions. Available in both nitrile and fluoroelastomer for shafts from 11.811" (300mm) to over 78" (2000mm).

  • VR5 A heavy-duty large diameter style designed to operate in the severe conditions found in metals and paper mills. The unique body profile can accommodate radial and axial support in high shaft speeds applications. It has an extension that can be fitted into mechanical components or trimmed to length to meet existing space requirements (contact SKF for details). Available for shaft diameters from 11.811" (300mm) to over 78" (2000mm) in nitrile and fluoroelastomer on a made-toorder basis.

  • VR6 This heavy-duty profile is also designed primarily for protecting high speed bearing arrangements in rolling mills, papermaking and large machine applications. It should especially be considered for new equipment designs. The shape is similar to the VR5 except it does not have the extension to the rear of the body section, allowing a narrower B1. It does retain the saddle feature for axial and radial location on the shaft with a specially designed clamping band. The key installation dimensions are the same as the VR4 except for the body height. Available on a made to order basis in both nitrile and fluoroelastomer for shafts from 11.811" (300mm) to over 78" (2000mm).