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Seals - Teflon Seals

Saint-Gobain High-Performance Seals

Face Seals

OmniSeal® face seals are designed for internal face or external face sealing applications. The majority of face seal applications are static. However, for dynamic face sealing applications, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has a wide selection of OmniSeal® product designs to meet the most challenging requirements. OmniSeal® face seals are available in Industrial, Metric, JIS and custom gland sizes.

OmniSeal® 400A Face Seal Series

OmniSeal® 400A face seal is normally used as a dynamic seal. Due to its low spring loading, it is recommended for slow to moderate rotary speeds, low friction and low hardware clamping forces. Large cross sections and diameters are available.


OmniSeal® 103A Face Seal Series

OmniSeal® 103A face seal is recommended for most static sealing applications. OmniSeal 103A face seal may also be used in slow oscillatory or intermittent rotary service where seal friction is not critical. Available in all cross sections and diameters.


OmniSeal® APS Face Seal Series

OmniSeal® APS (Advanced Pitch Spring) face seal is recommended for dynamic sealing applications where seal friction is critical.  The APS spring utilizes a slant-coiled wire designed to provide the lightest load.  It has a unique characteristic in maintaining almost a constant load over a wide range of deflection.


OmniSeal® RACO™ 1100A Series

The OmniSeal RACO 1100A Face Seal is a rugged seal, recommended for extreme static sealing conditions such as those involving cryogenic fluids, ultra high vacuum and positive sealing of light gases. The RACO seal is also used dynamically in marine loading arm swivels and similar applications where high torque and clamping forces are employed. Larger cross sections and diameters are common with this seal design.  RACO™ 1100A series are available in internal or external face seal only.


Radial Seals

OmniSeal® radial seals are used in rod and piston sealing applications, typically designed for uni-directional pressure sealing. Radial seals are commonly used for static service, reciprocating and rotary motions. OmniSeal® radial seals are designed to fit in all standard hardware glands such as MIL-G-5514, AS 4716, Industrial, Metric, JIS and custom gland sizes.

OmniSeal® 400A Series

OmniSeal® 400A utilizes a cantilevered finger spring design which provides more dynamic runout and wider gland tolerances. Seal friction is reduced substantially, yet remains consistent with positive sealing in both low and high pressures. Larger cross sections up to 3/4" are also available.


OmniSeal® Spring Ring II Series

OmniSeal® Spring Ring II is also a cantilever design, a special version of the OmniSeal 400A. It is available in smaller sizes limited to less than 1" diameter, and for gland cross sections 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8". OmniSeal Spring Ring II is intended for high-volume, low-cost production.


OmniSeal® 103A Series

OmniSeal® 103A is a refinement of the original spring energized seal design. The helical coil wound flat spring offers a moderate to high spring load for static and slow to moderate speed dynamic sealing. It has higher friction than the 400A Series, but better sealing of light liquids and gases.


OmniSeal® APS Series

OmniSeal® APS (Advanced Pitch Spring) utilizes a slant coiled wire spring design that has a light load and characteristics of a wide range of deflection while producing an almost constant spring load. This feature permits a large wear allowance in the seal jacket while maintaining an effective sealing load. Also, the spring can be wound in extremely small coil diameters, which makes this type of seal ideal for small cross section and small diameter seal applications. The low stressed spring makes it possible to deform the seal, allowing for assembly of rod seals into most closed glands without damaging the spring.


OmniSeal® RP II Series

OmniSeal® RP II utilizes a wrapped and formed ribbon spring. The design offers the utmost in spring deflection for otherwise difficult sealing applications and may be used for static sealing, as well as slow dynamic reciprocating and slow rotary motion. The OmniSeal RP II seal is one of the most rugged of all Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics seals and will often work under the most severe mechanical conditions when other designs fail. Also available in larger cross sections.


Rotary Lip Seals

Rotary Lip Seals
OmniLip® Rotary Lip Seals


OmniLip® Metal-Cased PTFE Lip Seals

The complete line of metal-cased OmniLip seals offer many PTFE and PTFE blended sealing elements which are ideal for dynamic rotary sealing applications.


DynaLip®-PTFE Lip Seals

The all polymer-based DynaLip seal can be used when a traditional metal cased lip seal is not practical for the hardware configuration. This seal is available in standard or custom sizes.


OmniLip™ RS Metal-Cased Lip Seals

The OmniLip RS seal line is a metal-cased lip seal that incorporates a variety of interchangeable sealing elements. This custom or standard size seal can be rebuilt with new polymer element kits.


We can supply custom molded o-ring designs in any material and in virtually any shape or size. Send your drawings for quote or call to discuss product or material design perimeters with our engineering department.

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