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The V-RING is a unique all-rubber seal for rotary shafts. Developed in the 1960’s by FORSHEDA AB, it has been used successfully by OEMs and on the replacement market worldwide in a broad range of applications.

Description and advantages
The V-Ring is normally stretched and mounted directly on the shaft, where it is held in position by the inherent tension of the rubber body. It rotates with the shaft and seals axially against a stationary counterface, perpendicular to the shaft. The counterface can be the side wall of a bearing or a washer, stamping, bearing housing or even the metal case of an oil sea. The sealing lip is flexible and applies only a relatively light contact pressure against the counter-face and yet is still sufficient to maintain the sealing function. The low contact pressure (that varies with the fitted width) allows the seal to run dry in many applications.

V-Rings are available in seven standard cross-sections to meet various space and application requirements.

Larger V-Ring sizes are available as spliced seals. For more details please contact your local TSS company.

When selecting the correct rubber compound it is necessary totake the following requirements into account;