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Glossary for Seals, Gaskets, O-Rings, Orings, Rubber.

Includes the terms and definitions for seals, seal, orings, gasket, gaskets, hydraulic seals, hydraulic seal, metric seals, metric seal, o-rings, o-ring, viton, teflon, silicone, rubber, nitrile, ucup, plastic, metric orings, injection molding, oil seals, packings, parts, molding, machining.

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H-ring - Also called H-Wiper. An "H" shaped rod wiper ring made from NBR or polyurethane for a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.

Hardness - The relative resistance of rubber to the penetration (without puncturing) of a blunt point impressed on its surface.

Hat Packings - Usually made from leather, it is ised as a rod seal or ram seal in a hydraulic cyinder.

Heat history - The accumulated amount of heat a rubber stock has been subjected to during process- ing operations, usually after incorporation of the vulcanizing agents. Incipient cure or scorch can take place if heat history has been excessive.

HiClean - A brand name for rod wipers.

High Pressure Seals - Seals to be used in high pressure hydraulic applications made from teflon, urethane or fabric reinformced material.

Hydraulic Cylinder Kits - A selection of seals used to completely repair a cylinder or ram.

Hydraulic Packings - Packing rings used in a hydraulic ram or cylinder,

Hydrolysis - Chemical decom- position of a substance involving the addition of water.

Hysteresis (a) - The heat generated by rapid deformation of a vulcanized rubber part. It is the difference between the energy of the deforming stress and the energy of the recovery cycle.

Hysteresis (b) - Hysteresis or energy loss is the difference between the work input and the work output as measured under the curves or extension and retraction (stress and elongation curves). The difference becomes heat build-up.
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