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Glossary for Seals, Gaskets, O-Rings, Orings, Rubber.

Includes the terms and definitions for seals, seal, orings, gasket, gaskets, hydraulic seals, hydraulic seal, metric seals, metric seal, o-rings, o-ring, viton, teflon, silicone, rubber, nitrile, ucup, plastic, metric orings, injection molding, oil seals, packings, parts, molding, machining.

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Canned Wipers - A wiper or scraper ring for a hydraulic cylinder which has a metal outside diameter so that it can be press-fitted into a housing.

Carbon black - Elemental carbon in finely divided form used to reinforce elastomeric compounds.

Carbon Black - Finely divided carbon formed by the incomplete combustion of natural gas or petroleum in large, closed furnaces.

Cast Iron Piston Rings - Piston sealing rings made from cast iron used in hydraulic cylinders.

Catalyst - A chemical in small quantities which accelerates a chemical reaction without itself necessarily becoming part of the final product.

Cellular Rubber - Rubber products which contain cells or small hollow receptacles. The cells may either be open or interconnecting or closed and not interconnecting.

Characteristics Matrix - An analytical technique for displaying the relationship between process para- meters and manufacturing stations.

Checking - The short, shallow cracks on the surface of a rubber product, resulting from damaging action by environmental conditions.

Checking. Sunlight - The development of minute surface fissures as a result of exposing rubber articles to sunlight, generally accelerated by bending or stretching.

Chemical Resistance - The resistance offered by elastomer products to physical or chemical reactions as a result of contact with or immersion in various solvents, acids, alkalis, salts, etc..

Chevron Packings - Also called V-Packing, Vee packing, Chevron Packing, Parachute packing or v-set packing. A complete vee packing set contains multiple "V" shaped sealing rings stacked and nested together with a male adapter on one end and a female adapter on the other end.

Chevrons - See Chevron Packing above.

Chloroprene - 2-Chloro-l, 3-butadiene, a volatile, colorless liquid which boils at 59c., synthesized from acetylene. It is used in the manufacture of neoprene, which is obtained by polymerizing chloroprene under suitable conditions.

C.I. - The abbreviation for cloth- inserted, indicating a sheet of rubber containing one or more plies of fabric covered with rubber.

Clay - Any naturally occurring mineral substance consisting preponderantly of hydrous aluminum silicates, which divided and mixed with water, yields a more or less plastic mass which can be formed and molded, and which will retain its shape on drying. Clays vary greatly in composition but in their purest forms they approach the composition of Kaolinite, A12O3.2Si2.2H20. They are used as compounding ingredients in rubber, some of them having mild reinforcing properties.

Cold Flow - Continued deformation under stress.

Coefficient of Expansion - The coefficient of linear expansion is the ratio of the change in length per degree to the length at 0 Celsius. The coefficient of surface expansion is two (2) times the linear coefficient. The coefficient of volume expansion (for solids) is three (3) times the linear coefficient. The coefficient of volume expansion for liquids is the ratio of the change in volume per degree to the volume at 0 Celsius.

Compact Seals - Multi-piece seal sets, generally used as piston seals in a hydraulic cylinder. Made to fit in a limit space, compact piston seals contain a primary sealing component, guide rings and back-up rings in one convenient set.

Compound - A term applied to either vulcanized or unvulcanized mixtures of elastomers and other ingredients necessary to make a useful rubber-like material.

Compound - 1). In chemistry, it is the material resulting from the chemical union of two or more elements in definite proportions and in which the properties of the individual elements have disappeared. - 2). In rubber manufacture, it is the composition or formula of stock, the ingredients of which, however, may not all be chemically combined and is therefore more of a physical mixture.

Compression Deflection Charateristics - The tests for compression-deflection characteristics constitute methods of compression stiffness measurement. One compression test involves the determination of a load required to case a specified deflection, and another is a compression test in which a specified weight or compressive force is placed on the specimen and the resulting deflection is measured and recorded.

Compression Set - The residual decrease in thickness of a test specimen measured 30 minutes after removal from a suitable loading device in which the specimen has been subjected for a definite time to compressive deformation under specified conditions of load application and temperature. Method A measures compression set of vulcanized rubber under constant load. Method B employs constant deflection.

Compression set - The residual deformation of a material after removal of the compressive stress.

Conductive - To conduct or transmit heat or electricity.

Contact stain - Discoloration of a product by another material or by a rubber article in the area directly touching it.

Copolymer - A polymer consisting of two different monomers chemically combined.

Copolymer - A copolymer is a high polymer consisting of molecules containing large numbers of units of two or more chemically different types in irregular sequence. Butadiene (78) and styrene (22) forms a copolymer known as GR-S.

Copper Seal Rings - Rings made from thin copper formed over fiberous filler to seal in high temperature.

Crazing - A surface effect on rubber articles characterized by many minute cracks.

Creep - The deformation, in either cured or uncured rubber under stress, which occurs with lapse of time after the immediate deformation.

Cross Section - An O-ring as viewed if cut at right angles to the axis showing internal structure.

Crush Washers - A washer made to be crushed to form a seal.

Cup Packings - Sealing devices made in the shape of a cup with outer lips curved upward usually made from rubber, fabric reinforced rubber or polyurethane.

Cure - The act of vulcanization. See Vulcanization.

Cushioning Seals - Sealing rings mounted into a cylinder to cushion the stroke or prevent metal to metal contact.

Custom Molded Products - Special shaped parts molded from rubber or plastic made to fit the machine or device it is used in.

Cut - The distance between cuts or parallel faces of articles produced by repetitive slicing or cutting of long preshaped rods or tubes such as lathe cut washers.

Cystalinity - Stretched natural rubber forms a high oriented state and shows X-ray diffraction patterns and other properties common to truly crystalline materials. The amorphous and crystalline regions are not mechanically separable phases, but the same molecule may at the same time have part of its length in a crystalline, and the remainder In an amorphous region.
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