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MicroTorq™ Seal MicroTorq™ Seals

The unique MicroTorq seal design was developed to provide fuel savings and can reduce friction by up to 70 percent when compared with conventional lip-type seals.  Additionally, the seals provide an improvement in fuel economy of up to 0.49 percent and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1-2 g/km compared to traditional seal designs.

Elastomeric Seal

Elastomeric Seal

Elastomeric seals offer a traditional design that leverages the fluid and temperature resistance and sealing characteristics of high-performance elastomers.

Innovative design technologies, such as pumping lay-down lips and spring-loaded microlip seals, reduce running torque and extend the performance boundaries of these seals.

Bonded PTFE Seal Bonded PTFE Seal

PTFE is the sealing material of choice for the demanding application conditions found in commercial vehicles. Federal-Mogul pioneered the use of PTFE in commercial diesel engines in the early ’70s and is the largest manufacturer of PTFE seals for these applications in the world.

PTFE sealing technologies will operate at temperatures from -40° C to in excess of 200° C. They deliver superior performance levels with modern synthetic lubricants, enabling potential operation beyond 300,000 Kms.

Unitized (Cartridge) Seal

Unitized (Cartridge) Seal

The unitized seal incorporates multiple seal components and functions into a single unit, bringing the management of the sealing interfaces together in one product. Benefits include:



Federal-Mogul’s innovative FLAT-INSTALL seal is designed to perform under the extreme working conditions of commercial-vehicle/heavy-duty engines, as well as agricultural, construction and mine equipment, and marine and power-generation applications. This seal dramatically extends service life and reduces the customer’s total cost of ownership. It achieved a one-million-mile service life in simulated bench testing.

  • Design allows installation flush to the block without use of complex assembly tooling.

Bonded Transmission Pistons

UNIPISTON® — Bonded Servo Piston

UNIPISTON® — Bonded Clutch Piston

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