4. Cord Stock:

O-ring cord stock is available in cross sections from 0.040" to 2.000" in all standard and non-standard elastomers and durometers from 40-90.

a. Aflas
b. Buna-N
c. Butyl
d. Chemraz
e. Conductive Elastomers
f. Custom Materials or Shapes
g. Epichlorohydrin
h. Ethylene Propylene
i. FDA Grades
j. Fluorosilicone
k. Hypalon
l. Isoprene
m. Kalrez
n. Mantaline Products
o. Natural Rubber
p. Neoprene
q. NSF Grades
r. Polyacrylate
s. Polysulfide/Thiokol
t. Polyurethane
u. Quad Shape: Quad ring cross section cord stock can be supplied in all materials.
v. Santoprene
w. Silicone
x. Spec Grades
y. Styrene Butadiene
z. Teflon
aa. Viton

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